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Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Avenue Summer Clearance Sale

Final Clearance
On All Purple Ticket Items
Two Days Only:  $1.99
August 14th and 15th
We are having our final summer clearance
before bringing in our fall clothing.
Purple Tickets:  $1.99
Red Dots on White Tickets:  $1.99
Orange Tickets:  50% off
Yellow Dots on White Tickets:  50% off
Blue Tickets:  15%
Take $5 Off any $50 purchase through Aug. 15th

The Avenue Consignment Boutique
7777 W. 38th Avenue Wheat Ridge, CO 80033  303 484-9425

Friday, July 6, 2012

July News

July News at The Avenue

We have been having a wonderful summer here at the Avenue!
Take a look at some of our Highlights and Upcoming Events!

Most of our Shoes 25% off
    Price reductions on purple and orange ticket items
Designer Purses:
Dooney and Bourke, Coach, Fendi, Kathy Van Zeeland, 
Nicole Lee, Francesco Biasia
We are limiting consignment items to designer purses and designer clothing for the remainder of the summer.
Fall and winter consignment will begin on August 28th.
Our next evening shopping event will be in late August, watch for details!
We hope to see you again this summer for our best deals!
Through July 31st, take $5 off any $50 purchase with this email.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Special Evening Shopping Event

 Friends of The Avenue Consignment Boutique

Please join us for our Evening Shopping Event,
June 26th from 5 – 7.
We will have wine and cheese tasting, highlighting light summer wines and complimentary cheeses.
Additionally, Pam Whitlow will be here to feature her jewelry. 
You can view her work at:
Whitty Wire

7777 W. 38th Avenue, Wheat Ridge, CO  80033   

 303 484-9425

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer at the Avenue

Summer at the Avenue
Hello!  The Avenue has had a great first two months.  I have had some wonderful experiences helping customers find clothing for special events.  Just Saturday, a young girl came in looking for ball gowns.  She was invited to the Air Force Academy Ball and didn’t have any idea what to wear.  We found just the right dress and earrings and she looked like Cinderella going to her first big dance.
We are always thinking of ways to get our name out there.   So, I am asking my faithful blog readers to vote for me in Best of Jeffco.  If you have been to the shop and think it’s great, please take a minute to vote.  There are two places you can vote for me; first pick the city:  Wheat Ridge, then write The Avenue Consignment Boutique under Clothing Retail/Boutique and Consignment/Thrift Stores.  Here is the website and thank you in advance.
The boutique has summer sales going on right now.  Many of our items are 15% and 25% off the marked price.  We are also starting our value rewards program.  For every $10 you spend at The Avenue you receive a value point.  After 20 value points you will receive 20% off your next purchase.  We will keep your card at the boutique so you won’t have to worry about remembering to bring in your card.
Our open house was such a success, so we are going to have evening events periodically throughout the year.  Our next event will be a Wine and Cheese tasting while you shop on Tuesday, June 26th from 5:00 to 7:00.  We will feature light summer wines.   Hope you can make it.
Enjoy your summer and think of me when you are recycling those nearly used clothes or when you are out shopping for clothes.  We have many summer dresses, capris, shorts and purses.  Bye for now.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Ribbon Cutting!

Hello!  I am thrilled with the way my first four weeks have flown by.  We are off to a great start, each week there has been an increase in sales.  I am meeting the most interesting people. 
I have a wide age range of shoppers.  My younger shoppers come in and browse, quickly amazed that I have labels like Express, The Limited, Seven, etc.  The “thirty/forty somethings” come in and take it all in, enjoying the “boutique” feel of the shop and usually finding something unique to purchase.  Now my over 80 crowd likes to come in to look, talk and shop.   I hear about New York fashion in the 50’s and 60’s, their lives, their kids and grandkids, their aches and pains, but mostly just bantering while shopping.  Several of my shoppers are over 90 and they come in regularly.  It amazes and pleases me that the over 90 crowd still enjoys shopping and buying “new” things to update their wardrobes. 
I love it all! 
A friend came in the other day with a peignoir from the 50’s with tags still in place.  What’s a peignoir you say?…it’s lingerie:  lacy robe with nightgown.  Now, I do not take lingerie but I could not resist this piece of vintage history.  I can just see Lana Turner waltzing around her New York apartment with her long cigarette in mules and this peignoir!  It’s for sale!
Our Grand Opening last Thursday was a great success.  Thanks to so many of you who came, and brought new friends to The Avenue. 

The evening started with a group picture and ribbon cutting with the Mayor Pro Tem of Wheat Ridge. We enjoyed appetizers, door prizes and some great shopping was had by all!  We kicked off our Red Dot Sale, 25% off selected items.  It will be going on through the month of May, so if you haven’t stopped by yet, be sure to do so.
 I am now looking for local artists to fill my walls with art.  If you know anyone who would like to display and sell their art work, please have them give me a call.  Bye for now.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Opening Day

Opening Day was a quiet, snowy day.  It was a perfect day to adjust to my new surroundings.  We didn’t have shoppers, but so many of my friends and family stopped by, called and emailed to wish me well.  Thank you!

Most days start with me freshening up the boutique.  Vacuuming or mopping when needed, dusting…you know the drill.   Then I begin pricing and putting out new inventory, answering emails and generally getting ready for the day.

At 10:00 sharp I flip my sign and wait.  When the first friendly face comes into my shop I go to work.  Some shoppers really want their space others want me to show them items that are made “just for them”.  It’s fun to watch and see what type of shopper I have.  Others just come in to talk.  One friend said I should start a book, “Confessions of the Consignment Shopper”.  I feel a little like a bartender standing at my glass case listening to the woes and joys of my shoppers. 

My days have been very inconsistent with shoppers so I don’t have an idea yet of what to expect.  One thing I do need is more clothes.  I’ve sold lots of items and need to keep replenishing the racks.  So, as you begin your spring cleaning, be sure to think of me.  Check out our website for information on consigning.   Bye for now.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Million Thanks!

The countdown is nearing its end.  I have been working so hard at physical labor: scrubbing floors, painting, washing windows, hauling and moving racks that I haven’t allowed myself to think of the actual opening of this little boutique. But…it is going to happen and I am ready!!!

I want to take a minute to mention all of the people who have helped me get to this point in my journey.  Of course, Steve has been my encouragement at every step and Courtney: my righ-hand "man".  Not only has she designed my blog, website, mailers and business cards; she has helped me haul racks, buy items from printers and speakers to decorative earring holders and fashion shopping bags. 

Josh and Jesse helped move everything into my basement.  Sharon and Courtney helped sort all of the clothes. Thanks to Ruby, Dedre, Nancy, Janelle, Penny and Jessie for coming to my presale.  And to Kim, Lorraine, Sheldon and Cradle to Crayons for sending others to the sale!

Jesse redesigned my antique checkout stand.  Mark and Jaylynne gave ideas about paint color, being sure to add that strong color on the striking wall.  Carl, Rusty, Rick and Steve layed the flooring.  You will have to stop by to see which direction we went with the floor.  Josh and Jesse helped me apply the baseboards.  

Aaron and Josh moved the heavy furniture into the new boutique.   Rinda helped wash all of the racks and the windows, as well as, helped with the layout of the racks in my narrow space.   Mary Jo and Rinda helped purchase scarves, sunglasses, watches and reading glasses from the Merchandise Mart.  Jesse and Steve hung all the wall racks.  Ruby, Brenda and Courtney all helped me steam and hang the clothes.  Mary Jo gave me lots and lots of jewelry.  A special thanks to Caiden for helping sort hangers, help set up the jewelry case and keeping it light with a little Frisbee using the sizing disks!

Harold, my contractor, gave me a little table for my bathroom.  Joe gave me savvy marketing advise and Jason got me a killer deal on my 3 year lease.   My mom has been as excited for me as I am, and she’s given me some very pretty sweaters for the fall season.  My relatives from Nebraska came to get in on the excitement of my new journey!   They also were my first customers.

Then, there’s all of you readers out there who have read my blogs and sent me encouraging notes…thank you!  I couldn’t have done this without all of my family and friends.  If I’ve forgotten to mention someone please know that you are in my heart. 

If all goes according to plan we will open with a soft start on April 3rd.  If you have been waiting to bring clothes in to consign that would be the week to do so.  The guidelines for consigning, as well as, the hours of the boutique are listed on my website   We will have an open house toward the end of April or early May.

Bye for now.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Labor of Love

Saturday was floor installation day.  It looks fabulous!  Of course it was more than a one day job.  But my crew came back to finish on Sunday, minus one – he’s off to Mexico for a week of sun and surf.  It was a labor of love (and knees and backs and fingers) from our great friends The CRG! 
The floor was done but then comes the base board.  I noticed that as we started to lay the floor it seemed to expand in size as we all worked…could I really handle doing the base board all by myself?  This small little boutique was looking bigger and bigger.  So I called my son-in-law, with his bad arm and asked if he could coach me.  Then I called my son, who had planned his first day of spring break to sleep in, and begged him to come help me.  Of course they both rallied around me and we got it done in no time!  The construction phase is done! 
This week I get to start the move-in process.  I can hardly wait to design the space.  I spent some time at the Merchandise Mart with my friends Mary Jo and Rinda.  I’ve got some fabulous sunglasses, reading glasses, scarves and watches.  All new and ready for purchase!
Courtney has designed our first mailer with lots of specials to entice the neighborhood to drop by.  Additionally, my website has been launched, again thanks to Courtney!!!  So be sure to drop in at for now.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Countdown Continues

I can’t tell you how busy I have been getting ready to open.  The most exciting news is that the walls are up, as well as new track lighting.  The painting is all finished thanks to Mark’s (my brother-in-law is a painting contractor) crew. I’ve chosen a beautiful taupe for the walls with a darker shade on the ceiling to make those unattractive acoustic tiles go away!  Then for one accent wall I’ve chosen a striking Chrysanthemum.
This coming Saturday our wonderful friends, affectionately known as the Colorado River Gang (they often join us at our cabin on the Colorado River for skiing, hiking and, of course, eating and enjoying a nice bottle of wine), are coming to put in our floors.
I have decided to go with wood floors, so the big question now is directionality.  It has been suggested to make the boutique, which is long and narrow,  feel more spacious, we place the floors perpendicular to the entrance. Now that totally goes against my flow of the space.   I think the feng shui demands for it to go lengthwise. 

Maybe we should put it to a vote!  Send emails or comment with your vote suggestions!  Lengthwise  or Widthwise to the entrance.

Each week we get closer and closer to the deadline.  Nineteen days to my target date of April 3rd.  Many of my friends have offered to help me during spring break (still on teacher time).  That will be crunch time, as we will be arranging the boutique, decorating, steaming all of the clothes and hanging them.  I am taking them up on their offers…I’ll be sure to have plenty of munchies on hand.  Bye for now.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Two Generations

One of the interesting developments in my new venture is how Courtney (my daughter) and Steve (my husband) have gotten involved. As I’ve said in my previous blogs, the two of them have been helping me a great deal. But watching how they go about helping is very interesting. Steve has many contacts around Denver so when I say I need this…he says “I know a guy”. Courtney on the other hand immediately goes to the internet. They both find a solution. 

Right now, we are in the midst of deciding on a sign. Courtney has pictures and quotes for me to look at on the computer, and today I am meeting “Steve’s guy” at Steve’s office. Now of course, they may feel a little bit of healthy competition, I’m not quite sure. But when Steve says “I know a guy” Courtney says “of course he does!” When Courtney says we can do that on the internet, Steve says, “What’s the quality like?” It’s fun to watch the two of them operate.
I haven’t mentioned Josh (my son) in all of this. His role is coming soon. He’s already helped me move all of the racks, cases and clothes into my house. And come mid March, he will be helping to move it all back out again! And of course, he also is very supportive of this new venture of his mom. 

Jesse (my son-in-law)is a wonderful carpenter. He has taken a beautiful antique dresser and revamped it to be my check out stand. Paulina (my daughter-in-law) is an artist. Her input will come when we finally get to the finishing touches.

And then there’s Caiden, our beloved grandson. He is pretty sure that he will be Operations Manager. For those of you who know Caiden you know he was given the “little coach” award on his baseball team for all his ideas for the coach. As a“worker” in my shop he plans to run the cash register, take his break (at Baskin Robbins across the street) and carry a lot of keys. This is truly a family affair! Bye for now.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gone Shopping

One of the perks in starting up my business is going around town to visit the other consignment stores.  My objective is to look at their set up, pricing, d├ęcor, etc.  You know get the lay of the land before I open my store.  But…shopping is a big part of it all.  I can’t resist the great deal! I’ve come home with shirts, scarves, jackets, jewelry and more.  It’s not that I’m a “shopping junkie”, I just feel a need to support my fellow consignors and one or two more additions to my wardrobe can’t hurt!

We are getting much closer to an opening date, but still have much to do.  My goal has always been to open by April 3rd.  The countdown is on, only 33 days to go.  The shop is now “white box” ready.  That means, it’s an empty box.  I need to organize, walls, dressing rooms, lighting, flooring, permits, hang racks, sort the clothes for the 3rd time, steam the clothes, take on my new consignors, plan my marketing strategy, get insurance, set up phone and computer systems, learn the computer system that I will be using for the register…the list is endless!  And in the midst of it all, I am still teaching 2 days a week.

Sadly, I will be saying goodbye to a great group of kids this week.  They’ve given me a run for the money but they have also given me hugs, let me sing my crazy songs and allowed me the last chance to watch kids delight in learning.  An era is over for me, but so many new challenges are on the horizon.

Bye for now.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It Ain't Children's Songs Any Longer!

I am learning so much about this new business; clothing and designers is just a little part of my start up.  I’ve made a business plan, I’ve figured out how many items I need to sell a day to break even, learned about CAM charges vs. NNN charges, square footage and signage; I can go on and on.  I take it all in stride. Steve is my coach and he is very good at what he does.  Now he tells me I have to get involved with Social Media: yikes!  

I have to tell you, I’ve avoided learning all the intricacies of the computer world.  As a Kindergarten teacher, I was always last to receive the latest technology because the older kids needed it more.  Why does a 5 year old need to be taught with a doc camera (the Elmo) and a SMART board?  Does a Kindergartner really need to do a power point?  Where are the blocks, puppets and crayons going?  So, philosophically I allowed myself to stay in the dark!

But if I want to get ahead I must join the others in the social computer world!   I have been very happy with my email and solitaire!  But now it’s Facebook and Linked In, will you be my friend?  It’s twitter and tweet (wasn’t that in a Mary Poppins song?)

Once a week my family comes over and we have a lovely dinner.   We update each other, we tell stories to our grandson; it’s been a delight over the years.  But now with my new business I’ve created a monster.   We talk domain and URL.  Do I have the right GB and RAM (which has nothing to do with Little Bo Peep) for my software?  My eyes glaze over; it was fun not knowing what I didn’t know.  Now I wake up with computer songs going through my head.  Remember, I know about 3,000 children’s songs.  They don’t go away, the words just change!  

So, with the help from my daughter and husband you will see me reaching out to join the other millions in the Social Media World (slowly).  Bye for now.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's All In A Name!

February 15, 2012

The Name!!!  It can’t be so hard to come up with a name for the shop, right?  Well, it’s been a little more challenging than I thought.  When Steve and I opened our bakery the name came to me in a dream (really!).  So, I’ve been waiting for my “clothing dream” to bring me the right name. 

No such luck.  We named our bakery The Pastry Peddler.  Can I use that?  The Clothing Peddler sounded a little too country.   Well, how about using my name, like Rebecca’s Rethreads …sounds like tires.  I know Rebecca’s Closet… one friend said that it reminded her of Angela’s Ashes, can’t have that!  Here are a few others that are used around the country; Fashion Attic, Second Look, Redesign Consign, Double Exposure, Something Else.  And, from one of my more humorous friends Re-Do Doozies!
After weeks of thinking about the name, it comes to me.  Almost like a dream!  Wheat Ridge is on the move and is revitalizing 38th Avenue.   So why not, the 38th Avenue  Consignment Boutique, (since my shop is located on 38th Avenue).  That’s a lot to say over the phone, so I shortened it to The Avenue Consignment Boutique.   That’s official, so no other suggestions!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Building Inventory

Building Inventory

So…when last we met I had committed to buying a resale shop that was going out of business.  Steve and I spent some time in the shop over Christmas and thought it was a good investment.  After working out the price (which was too high) we arranged our pick-up date.   On Friday, we drove up to our cabin in Grand Lake (so our drive wouldn’t be as long on Saturday). 

We got up at 5 am to head out.  We were about a mile down the road and found that the tire on our truck was flat.  It was 5:30 am, 7 below zero and dark outside.  Oh no, coyotes and lions and bears!   Oh my.  No problem we would just get out and put on the spare.  Well, it was flat!!  Nothing was open until 8 am in Grand County.  So we decided to leave the truck and take the car.  We’d rent a truck when we got there.  

After that little fiasco all went well.  We arrived, loaded a large truck with racks, mirrors, hangers and more hangers, and about 70 boxes and bags of clothes.  Our journey home was uneventful other than having to take a detour back to the truck to get the tire fixed.  All that was left was to sort the clothes!

Courtney, my good friend Sharon and I began the unending task of going through all of the clothes and deciding what would sell.  We found some really nice items. However, 35 large sized garbage bags went to charity or to other consignment stores. 

We did have a few laughs.   Courtney’s favorite was the coconut top and I fell in love with the leather pants.  They are in style, aren’t they?  Sharon spent her time thinking of Halloween costumes (you see, she is also a Kindergarten teacher!)

 I am now realizing how daunting it is to look at other people’s clothes and decide if they are sellable.  It has hit home how discerning I will need to be to make this project a reality.  In six months let’s see if I can name 50 designer labels in under a minute!  I can name about 5 right now!  Bye for now.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Journey Begins...

Hello.  I’m a little surprised that I am at a point in my life where I am writing a BLOG. But I’ve got a little story and I’d like to share it with my friends and family. 

First of all, I’m Becky, and I wear many hats.  I’m a mom, nana, wife, daughter, sister, aunt and friend.  I work part-time for my husband, Steve, keeping the books for his sales training business and I am a teacher.  Last spring, after 37 years of teaching I found myself without a teaching job.

 Now many of you would say just retire.  Well, I had retired 6 years prior so I could work part-time as a teacher and wear my other hats with more emphasis on being nana and daughter.  I had loved staying involved in the schools and connected with kids.  But, the part-time gig was up.  Our area superintendent put the word out that retirees were not to be hired in part-time positions, so all of my contacts were to no avail. 

I didn’t let that get me down.  I’ll get a job in the private sector.  This is where my age began to show.  There are so many young, aspiring teachers out there that I couldn’t get into any interviews.  Not to be assuaged, I went to preschools and knocked on their doors; deciding that might be a good place for me (I know about 3000 children’s songs, can tell a great story and am very nurturing and creative with kids). 
Well, I found that I could work but not be a “lead teacher” without my early childhood credential.  No problem, I’ll just take the PLACE test to get my early childhood endorsement.  In early August, I walk up to Wheat Ridge High School one Saturday afternoon to sit in a classroom with my “colleagues” (all about 22 years old!) and take the test.  

I wait 3 weeks and find that I passed the test!  Great now with my K-6 elementary degree, my special education master’s degree and my early childhood endorsement I go back out to find a teaching job.   I decide that a Head Start position would be the place for me.  Well, they didn’t like my endorsement since I hadn’t actually taken the courses…they could only offer me a teaching assistant position, but not a lead teacher position.  Ok, I’m a little frustrated now, but decide to take the assistant job. 

I lasted six weeks at Head Start.  A great program, but my talents as a teacher were not being used.  I was great at cleaning up tables after breakfast and lunch! 

Now what?  Well, what does a retired teacher do?  She subs!!  I’ve always said I will NEVER be a substitute teacher.   It pays so little and you spend much of your day dealing with behaviors of kids you don’t know.   It is now 7 months since I lost my job and I am doing a great job as a substitute teacher.  But, it is still not what I want to do.

One thing I do love to do, besides teaching, is to go to garage sales and resale shops.  It’s great fun finding that special treasure or designer piece of clothing that you could never afford.  I’ve dragged Steve to more garage sales than he cares to count.  Of course, he often finds just the right tool or wheelbarrow that he just has to have, but probably wouldn’t admit that to anyone. 

Over the years I thought it would be exciting and challenging to have my own shop.  I even found one for sale about 8 years ago and really thought about looking into purchasing but talked myself out of it because things were stable and going along just fine so why rock the boat?  Well, the boat is rocking now! 

I am thrilled to announce that I am opening a women’s clothing consignment shop.  I’ve agonized, lost sleep and eaten a little too much chocolate but have made the leap to do what I want to do!  I had found a shop up in the mountains that was going out of business so I arranged to go take a look and see if it was going to work for me.  It will!  I’ve committed to buying her store; lock, stock and barrel. 
My next posts will be the process that I am going through to get my shop opened and thriving by April.  And I promise they will be much shorter!  Bye for now.