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Saturday, March 30, 2013

First Anniversary Celebration!

You Are Invited

As a loyal customer/consignor and friend of The Avenue we would like to formally invite you to attend our
First Anniversary Celebration!

Our Anniversary Celebration will take place on
Friday, April 19th from
4:00 to 7:00

The afternoon will be filled with fun activities to
celebrate our first year of business.

Come spin the wheel to receive “Avenue Cash” and prizes for your evening shopping!  All you have to do is bring a canned good or donate $1 to Jeffco Action Center
to be awarded a prize!
We will also have international wines for tasting, refreshments from Belfiore Italian Sausage, jewelry display by
“She’s A Belle” and
door prizes and storewide discounts.

Call 303 484-9425, or email

Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Night With Mondo

I haven’t written a blog in a very long time, but thought I’d share my most recent event with all of you. 
Now you have to understand that I do not like Reality TV; no The Bachelor or American Idol for me. I’m more a good old “Mary Tyler Moore Show” sitcom kind of girl.  However…I do have 2 vices:  Dancing with the Stars and Project Runway. 
My fascination with Project Runway stems from my early years when I was making my own clothes in high school.  My mom would buy fabric for my sister and me all day long but tended to shy away from letting us go hog wild in Hudson’s Budget Store for clothes. She was teaching me a life skill and I didn’t even know it!  So Jaylynne and I learned to sew.  I went as far as taking Home Ec Sewing for 3 years in High School!!
When Season 1 of Project Runway started I was interested in the designer’s ability to make a beautiful/crazy garment on a limited budget, no pattern and in a very short time frame.  All the other drama of the competition was just an added bonus.  I got hooked right away. 
Now you may have heard that Mondo, a past Runway winner, was coming to town last week to judge a Goodwill Industries Fashion Show and Swap.  He, along with Peach (one of my favorites), Michael and Fallene were all there to add to the festivities. 
The Avenue decided we had to attend.  Courtney, Brenda, Lindsay (Brenda’s daughter-in-law) and I went down to the EXDO Event Center to see what it was all about.  We got VIP tickets so we could meet and greet the Project Runway stars and get our picture taken, etc. 
We had such a fun time.  Not only did we get our picture taken with the stars but we saw some very interesting garments walk the runway.  Two of Denver’s design schools were competing in the fashion show.  Very creative young people got to try their hand at this competition.  They had to make a “Little Blue Dress” (Goodwill’s color).  The winning look was a strapless, blue dress with handmade, large flowers along the lower portion of the dress.   Very stunning!
A portion of the fashion show were items purchased at the Goodwill Deja Blu shop in Cherry Creek.  It had a feel of the 70’s (it’s coming back!) The color of the season is emerald.  Emerald was paired with chartreuse (hard to believe, but it looked really nice), purple and brown. 
 Fallene gave us pointers as the outfits walked the runway.  Here is her advice for a great look.
  • Dress proportionate to your body
  • Buy lots of separates so you can make your outfits versatile
  • Choose bold colors and pair them from opposite the color wheel, i.e. blue with yellow
  • Stay away from black!
  • Style is an expression of you, don’t always go with the designer’s choice.
The last portion of the night was “The Swap”.  We had each donated 10 items to Goodwill and then got to leave with 10 items. Most of the people at the event waited anxiously in an alley outside the center to get into the Swap Hall.  We felt a little like we were one of the people at those big sales on Black Friday, where everyone is mobbed outside an entrance and will be trampled by the frenzy of the sale.  However, everyone was very orderly.  Once inside, you had to look quickly to find just the right item before a hand grabbed it out of yours, but, all in all, it was fun to make quick selections.  Courtney found the pick of the night. She got a pair of jeans that sell for $100 retail.  They fit her perfectly!
So readers, enjoy your shopping this spring and tune into Project Runway once in a while.   Hope to see you at The Avenue Consignment Boutique.  Bye for now.

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