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Friday, April 13, 2012

Opening Day

Opening Day was a quiet, snowy day.  It was a perfect day to adjust to my new surroundings.  We didn’t have shoppers, but so many of my friends and family stopped by, called and emailed to wish me well.  Thank you!

Most days start with me freshening up the boutique.  Vacuuming or mopping when needed, dusting…you know the drill.   Then I begin pricing and putting out new inventory, answering emails and generally getting ready for the day.

At 10:00 sharp I flip my sign and wait.  When the first friendly face comes into my shop I go to work.  Some shoppers really want their space others want me to show them items that are made “just for them”.  It’s fun to watch and see what type of shopper I have.  Others just come in to talk.  One friend said I should start a book, “Confessions of the Consignment Shopper”.  I feel a little like a bartender standing at my glass case listening to the woes and joys of my shoppers. 

My days have been very inconsistent with shoppers so I don’t have an idea yet of what to expect.  One thing I do need is more clothes.  I’ve sold lots of items and need to keep replenishing the racks.  So, as you begin your spring cleaning, be sure to think of me.  Check out our website for information on consigning.   Bye for now.